Cleaner Forum without Google ads...


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As always “Thank you Bernhard”...

I would have no problem kicking in a few bucks to show my appreciation....

Maybe do a Drummerworld Patreon subscription?


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I never understood most of that stuff. Plush restraints for instance. Seems like a mixed message. "I like you enough to bring you lotion but not enough to let you out of the pit."
Nor do I - I was joking of course, somewhat inappropriately. I'll ban myself for a day ;)


I can't tell you how many times those stupid ads had a 5 or so second delay causing me to accidentally tap/click on them. Happy to see them go! Hopefully this doesn't have a huge impact on gains on an admin level.

Thanks for a great forum!


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Google ads are tailored to the user, aren't they? I thought it was strange and frustrating to be getting political ads on here. Glad they're gone. I donated a couple bucks to you. Thanks Bernhard!


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For anyone wondering who deleted the "because we now can" fun thread, it was me. In an inclusive forum for all genders & ages = too far.


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It means I'll no longer have my Drummerworld experience ruined by pictures of scantily clad women, latex apparel, and fur lined restraint devices. I have no idea why there's such a prevalence of these adverts on my computer ;)
They appeared as reaction to your searches....didn't you know??!! - lol....