Christoph 'Doom' Schneider

Hello, All.

Christoph 'Doom' Schneider is the drummer for RAMMSTEIN German band that plays strong, powerful, heavy Industrial Metal with fury lyrics. Most of his drumming on every song has an introduction from minus to plus, filling, time-keeping, slow to middle tempo with heavy background.

Any comments? are welcome.

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Christoph Schneider

I looked around and I could find a thread for this guy so i figured I start one. Hes the drummer for the german band rammstein. What are your thoughts?

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Re: Christoph Schneider

Very good, mate. I appreciate that you brought his profile back to discuss.

Check my comments:

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Ya man, all his playing is very solid. Although I do think he has too much of a drum set cymbal-wise, he's got like 20. I think the stuff from around du hast and feur frei is too basic but from the album leibe ist fur alah da his playing is alot heavier. At that one fill in Der Meister he sounds like that part in Afterlife. But one hell of a drummer.


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As I wrote in an other thread, i love his energy on the stage but his drumkit looks lite kit gonna brake any minute.


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Dunno. It german drums, u never know what they have done with'em.

Just look at 0:20
Christoph Schneider Drumsolo
That video is from the Sehnsucht tour around 1996-97. He plays Tama Starclassic Performer drums in that video (he played Tama ever since Rammstein started and up until 2008), and they're Japanese, not German. Definitely not weak drums. If they didn't hold up to Rammstein's touring, he would simply have chosen something else.

Christoph is a great drummer for a band like Rammstein. Rock solid and very even, which is what an industrial metal band needs. I'm seeing them live in June, definitely looking forward to that :)


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I fully agree with your comment. The drum shells look weak, are they?
It's unlikely. I seriously fail to see how his drums look weak, sorry if i sound too simplistic or anything but they just like erm, drums to me?

I think he's a pretty good drummer, obviously not the most complex playing but it fits in pretty much perfectly with what they want to achieve and that.