Christmas in September... new 3007s


The UPS man pulled up in his sleigh yesterday evening. I've been lurking around here long enough to know -- eye candy first... (I had a 16" coated Ambassador laying around so I went ahead and threw it on that floor tom... still waiting on some more coated ambs to be delivered for the rest of the toms)

And now specs...

Sonor Force 3007 Maple
17.5 x 20
16 x 16
14 x 14
9 x 12
8 x 10

And, in case you were wondering...
6.5 x 14 Pork Pie Big Black Bob
13" Zildjian K/Z hi hats
15" Zildjian K dark crash thin
20" Zildjian K Custom medium ride

First off I want to thank Drummerworld for being such an informative place. This forum was an enormous help in helping me get educated on the marketplace. I must have read every "what new kit should I get" thread back to 2008... this wood vs that wood, made here vs made there, wrap vs lacquer, triple flange vs die cast, 18" vs 20" vs 22" vs 24" vs... well, you know.

I'd been in the market for a new kit for well over a year after growing tired of my power tom Exports that I'd had since high school. I settled on these Sonors after months of research and testing kits at music stores. Basically I knew that I wanted shallower toms and a 20" kick for both sonic and ergonomic reasons (I'm a short guy), and I didn't want to stay with Pearl. My budget was around $1000. I was looking at Silverstars, Saturns, Meridians, Renowns, etc. But I also wanted 4 toms so I could bring different setups to different occasions (2up/1dn, 1up/2dn, 1up/1dn big, 1up/1dn small, etc). Nobody offers a 4-tom shell pack with a 20" kick from the factory, so I was looking at an add-on component tom for a pretty penny in addition to the cost of the kit. But then, lo and behold, Dale's Drum Shop has their "shell bank" of the 3007 series and they let you pick exactly which drums you want and they sell them to you at a great discount.

Dale's was great to work with, though I was probably a pretty easy customer... I basically called them up and said I want to order a kit, here's what I want, how much will that be? I was pleasantly surprised. I think the street price for these kits back when they were still in production was somewhere around $1200 or more, I guess sort of like the Select Force is now. Dale's got them to me for under $750 shipped! This was great for my budget, and the guy I talked to was knowledgeable, efficient, and really nice.

I tried my best to heed the wisdom of "try before you buy," and I played dozens of kits in several different stores over the past months. But not a Sonor. However, I knew I wanted maple, Dale's had a fantastic price on the sizes I wanted, and all the reviews of the 3007s and of Sonor in general were absolutely glowing, so I took the chance. I've jammed around on them a little this afternoon and so far I'm really pleased. With a hasty tuning on the stock heads they definitely sound better than my old drums, but I know there's more potential in there with better heads. To that end I have an EMAD and some coated Ambassadors on the way. The Chinese UT's are all attack and seem to choke out at forte and above. Then again I have hardwood floors and plaster walls so I'm sure the room is adversely influencing the sound. Thinking back I wonder if I should have gone with double ply on the toms. Oh well. I've got plenty time to figure it all out. The kick reso head is unported, which will take some getting used to. Being accustomed to ported kicks, pedal rebound feels really weird. Also there's more tone and sustain than I typically want out of a kick, but I think I'll give it a fighting chance to grow on me before I decide to port it.

They were packed very securely and intelligently. It came in 3 boxes. 16 FT was in one, another contained the 14 FT nested inside the kick, and the third contained the 10 and 12, both in their own individual boxes. The hardware was interspersed throughout gaps in the boxes. The rack toms were already assembled but the kick and floor toms were not. This gave me a chance to check out the bearing edges on those drums up close -- perfectly flat and no imperfections, though there was a little roughness on the kick's edges that could probably use a little attention from some fine grit sandpaper just to smooth things out. I let the rack toms have benefit of the doubt since they were already put together, but looking through the clear Remo UT heads that came on them did not reveal any obvious issues.

Sonor says that the 3007s come with 2.3mm hoops, but these feel more like 1.6mm... but who knows. I don't have my old ones to compare. Oh well. Not really a big deal to me, and hoops are relatively inexpensive to swap if I ever feel like I need to.

The finish is Smooth Brown Burst. The quality seems to be really high, but if I'm honest I wish the shade were just a LITTLE lighter. Under normal room lights they almost look black. The sun peeked in from the window for a bit this afternoon and shone on the rack toms, and really brought out the brown, and man was it gorgeous. I guess stage lights could have a similar effect. Let's hope so. I'm not really heartbroken over the finish though. I still really like the way they look -- super classy. I still prefer this to my other options, which were the red burst, an amber fade, and a natural gloss.

When I was shopping around and figuring out my ideal "money is not an object" setup, it involved having a small auxiliary kick for quieter venues / acoustic work. I thought I had to abandon that idea, but it looks like I don't have to after all. I was very excited to discover that the 3007's kick drum spurs are the same diameter as the floor tom legs. Sonor's kick spurs are a little abnormal in that they attach to the drum like floor tom legs, as opposed to being permanently bolted to the shell with a swiveling mechanism like most other manufacturers'. This means that making a "jungle" bass drum out of my 16" floor tom will be as easy as swapping the FT legs for the spurs from the kick, maybe swapping heads, and then putting on a riser, of course. Trick makes a kick riser that attaches to triple flanged hoops, so no huge need to invest in wood hoops and another set of claws/long tension rods. Also Aquarian makes a 16" version of their Superkick II, which is exciting -- I really like that head, and you can't get an EMAD smaller than 18. I'm really stoked about all this, since I can rehash this kit into a 10/14/16 in under an hour for those times when a 20 would be too much.

Didn't mean for this post to turn into a novel. I guess I should thank you if you read the whole thing. I haven't had a brand new kit in over 10 years so I guess I'm a little excited.


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Nice kit and a god choice! Those are nice sounding drums with the right heads, they tend to have some higher overtones so I would definitely suggest double ply , even a coated double ply, A buddy of mine has a set in the same sizes ( minus the 16) and he's got emps cranked up on them that sound like ambassadors do on most kits.


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I've been recommending the 'Force' series ever since I first laid eyes on them back in November 2004. I came very close to buying a Force 3003 kit in white sparkle but didn't quite have the £800. Along came a lovely Tamburo ply kit for £500 a few months later and I didn't wait on that one - it's still my daily kit.

I cannot say enough good things about these drums. The 3001/3003/3007 kits really raised the bar in the middle of the market and now those lines are discontinued it means you can get screaming deals like this. I'm really happy for you. These are great kits and it will serve you well for many, many years.


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Congrats!!! Beautiful kit! It's such a wonderful feeling getting a new (whether brand new or new-to-you) kit. Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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Lovely kit - and nice looking house too. ;-) You certainly had a good approach to the size selectin, methinks.

Regarding the heads, I played a gig for a few weeks where they had a Sonor kit for the house drum set. I forget the model, but it had the UT heads which I believe are really bad. I'm thinking new (good) heads will make a huge difference.

BTW, the kit had a very basic Sonor pedal which I actually quite liked. (I started leaving my trusty Camco in the car for emergency only.) Did you get the Sonor pedal or are you using your own? (Or is Santa gonna bring you one for the traditional December Christmas?)

Have fun!


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You are correct about this forum being helpful. I was on here before I bought my first set after 32 years hiatus. This was 5 years ago. The set you have now the set I was about to pull the string on when I found my Gretsch set on Craigslist. The black is classic and will fit with anything. Congrats and Merry Christmas.


No new pedal, though I am past due for one. Still rocking an old DW 7000 double pedal with a broken slave spring and rusty bottom plate...

Gruntersdad, I've seen your Gretsch in other threads and that's a great kit. I scoured craigslist and ebay daily for probably a year and never came across a deal like the ones people tell stories about on here.


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So the 12" tom doesn't sound like crap? Mine sure does, I have a piano black 3007. Apparently another member here has problems with the very same tom, it just doesn't tune.

I'm rocking 8", 10", 14", 16" now, (until I've figured out what the hell is wrong with my 12") but they sound truly amazing. Enjoy your kit :)


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Welcome, congratulations and Merry Christmas indeed.

I hope you sent Dale's and the UPS guy a Christmas Card and plate of cookies.



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Merry Christmas!~

Those drums are looking great. Hope you are enjoying your Christmas gift from santa :)


So the 12" tom doesn't sound like crap? Mine sure does, I have a piano black 3007. Apparently another member here has problems with the very same tom, it just doesn't tune.

I'm rocking 8", 10", 14", 16" now, (until I've figured out what the hell is wrong with my 12") but they sound truly amazing. Enjoy your kit :)
What kind of heads and tuning do you use?

My 12" sounds fine, considering that it's still got the stock heads on it. I've got both rack toms tuned such that if you mute one head and finger-tap a rimshot on the opposite head, the pitches are a perfect fifth apart with the reso being one fifth higher than the batter. For some reason this seems to work well for them. And they came this way more or less out of the box. All I had to do was even out the lug tension so that each head was in tune with itself, and having the heads a fifth apart seemed to result in a pretty decent tone.

Actually I'm having more trouble getting a good sound out of the floor toms at the moment, but I've got a set of new heads arriving in the mail this afternoon which I hope will help.

The kick sounds fantastic! I tuned the batter maybe a little tighter than JAW and the resonant head to a low-medium tension, and I'm loving the sound that way. Initially I had the resonant head cranked way up since that's how I'd always done my kicks in the past, but I had always been using ported resonant heads. When I tried that with this unported head, I was getting lots of "boing" and the pedal rebound was really weird. I guess solid heads like lower tunings than ported heads do.


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What beauties ! I really like the lug design on these Sonors, so much so, I almost wish they extended to the entire length of the shell. Congrats !!