Christina Aguilera's Drummer

Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone can help me, I went to see Christina Aguilera in the 3 area in Dublin last night and I am trying to find out who her new drummer is? It use to be Stanley Randolph but it's someone new now an equally brilliant drummer, does anyone know who he is?


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Christina Aguilera’s Drummer Will Be Working With Xtina This Month!
by Angelic October 4, 2015 1 comment 1581 views
Christina’s drummer, Kevin Pintado posted a new photo on his instagram captioned, that it will be a fun month in October with Aguilera Crew! Could be something new? Stop with all the tease and give us the new album!
kevinpintado Back at it with my Christina Aguilera crew. October is going to be a fun month with this family. #xtina #techlife #dwdrums #zildjian @vicfirth #teamremo #rehearsals
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I didn't infer it was bad, just that they're really playing programmed parts that aren't all that complicated or require a lot of personal style. I'm sure you have to be a killer player to get that gig.