Choose between 8 inch Tom or 14 floor


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14". You can always tune your 10" high enough to be in the same range as an 8". Imo it can even sound better, depending on the style. But a 14" can't really be approached that well by a 16", because you lose some of the boom of a floor tom. But that's just my preferences.
I’d get the 14”. It’s more useful unless you’re doing a bunch of Neil Peart fills where you want the percussive 8” sound. If you like both, the ideal thing is to get both. I have an 8” and 14” and love em both.
Another 14" here. I'll add a second floor tom first. I can deal with minimal rack toms, but only one floor feels naked.
Agreed. I have 8,10,12,14,16,22 and 14 snare starclassic bb. If I had to choose between the 8 and 14 it’d be the 14. Get it now while you can ( finishes change and get discontinued), and for that reason also I say 14 . Much easier to find the 8’s on discontinued finishes than 14’s. There’s a reason . They’re the more popular size . And many people sell off the 8’s. And depending on finish , don’t wait too long as it may get discontinued. So get the 14 straight off and get the 8 when you can if you really want . But waiting too long May make it difficult to find .

I do more with my 14 than my 8 ( slightly) but it’s great to have both and well,..... I love the 8 regardless of some naysayers here🤨😉.


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I'm gonna order a tama star classic maple kit but I don't want to spend the money to add both an 8 inch rack and a 14 inch floor Tom to the shell pack. So I only want to choose one of the two. If you had to choose one, what would you pick and why? I play a wide variety of music (metal, jazz, fusion, pop, r &b, etc)


8" tom easily IMO........ Floor toms are already such a low note for the most part..... you can always use the 16 for more hits.

the tom you will notice to a much larger degree IMO. Especially in the mix.

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14" floor tom all day long. You'll be glad you did looking back down the road.


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I prefer 3 mounted toms and one floor to 2 mounted and 2 floor. But given this choice I'd definitely go with the 14" floor.
Perhaps look at getting a Roto Tom or two later on down the line if you're after that ultimate top end in your fills.


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This is where I will be the odd one to add an odd number ! The outfashion 13”.
10 12 13 16 has been my favourite configuration for years.
8“ toms are fun to play but don’t carry that much and I don’t see that many application, maybe for some Rush or DT, or reggae. They’re too fast for my ears.

The 14” is fine but pushes the 16” (the proper floor Tom :-D) too far back. 14 is great when you don’t want to bring the 16 to a gig though. 2 up 2 down are great looking kits but they do take more ground space.

I have a 14, which sounds good independantly, but isn't low enough - I always had a mixed feeling about the 14, too low and big as a rack tom, and not deep enough as a low floor tom.
I definitely prefer a 10 12 13 tuned high and 16 tuned low to an 8 10 12 16 tuned medium.
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I would suggest getting the 14" floor. I play a 6 piece as well and love having the 14" floor tom along with the 16" floor tom. Both of my kits have 14" floor toms to go with the 16". The smallest mounted tom I have is a 10" and I just don't see that much need for anything smaller.