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I have to make choice between Yamaha Custom Maple Abosolute and the Sakae trilogy with 24 kick. What’s the best?


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The MCA (and all of the Absolute series) are superb drums. I can't recommend them highly enough.

I have no doubt that Sakae kits are every bit as good (they built Yamaha's pro drums for years and years, after all) but they may not hold their resale value quite as much. That may not be a consideration for you but it's something to take into consideration.

Frankly, I'd go with the kit that has the sizes and finish that you prefer but you cannot go wrong with the Yamahas.


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Both are fantastic kits. Why a 24" kick? Why not?

But I'd get the Yamaha.

Why? You're going to take a bath big time when it comes time to sell with the Sakae. Sad, but true.



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If you plan on having this kit for a long time, resale value is largely irrelevant.

If you are somebody who gets bored with gear and flips it regularly, then it matters.