China or splash


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A recent china thread got me wondering if I could only have one..a china of any size or a splash (of any size made) which would I get..bearing in mind I could only have one?
This is a tough one for me..but I would probably go with an 18" about you?


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I bought a splash thinking I was gonna use it all the time, but it turns out i don't use it that much. I really only use it for quick accents, and even then i don't do it all the time.

China's are much more useful IMO, because in addition to being used for accents, many china hits can actually replace crash hits, allowing more complexity with what you do with them.

Another vote for an 18" china.


To me, you're saying «should I buy a car or a washing machine?»... both are great, you just gotta know where to use them and why. Because quite frankly, if one misuses either one, splash or chinese, it can really get on your nerves and can completely trash a song. When used well, it's great. Just think of Stewart Copeland of The Police and his slapshes (he uses them a lot), or Charlie Watts and his chinese (it's all he ever uses - almost)...


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18" is about the best all around size china which is what I have I also have a 14" too. and 10" splash is about the best for me but I do have a 8" also. I would suggest getting one of each, great effects cymbals. I have a Wuhan 18" china sounds great and super cheep.


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Having them on hand would be nice, wouldn't it?

I had a splash for a while, and then I sold it when I realized I didn't use it. Sure, there are times when the variety would be nice, but I'm learning to work with what I have.

Buy a splash or a china only if you know that you would use it eventually. Sometimes they're necessary.


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I find in live situations it's nice to have something like a 10" to accent during a quiet part of a song, or maybe during the verse so as not to step on the lyrics. It works well and gives you some variety aside from accenting with a quick open hit on the hi-hat, or lightly hitting the top of crash cymbals hoping they're heard. The china works as a really nice accent, and I do love it, but I know I can play the same part on any crash cymbal.

I currently have both a splash and a china, and I'm looking to get one more of each. Probably will only ever use one china at a time (but I'm sure I'll experiment with two!), but I hope to get a lot of use out of the splashes.

Having to pick one for this thread I'd say 10" splash. Of course I haven't ever tried playing with a 13" china...