china cymbal for jazz?


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any recommendations for a 20-22” china cymbal for jazz that doesn't break the bank?


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Sometimes (if you can find a good one) a standard Wuhan, at that size, works very well. I'm not a super big fan of Wuhan chinas, and I think anything 18" or smaller is a one trick pony because they are so stiff and don't open up at all (you really have to whack them). Once you get to a 20" and larger, they usually offer more subtlety and can be played lighter. Add a few rivets Jeff Hamilton style.

You may want to try the used market. Some of the older Zildjian China Boy Low cymbals are pretty subtle and laid back. I also have a 20" Sabian HHX china that sounds great. A used one can be found for a decent price.

Good luck!

Bo Eder

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Is the Zildjian 22” swish knocked out of your range? That cymbal is seriously great. I wish it was a little lower pitched, but it totally works.


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My Lions were the thinnest ones in a bunch, and the open up quickly. Also, when mounted bell up, they have more variety of timbres depending on where you hit them. That makes them just fine for jazz, specially with brushes.


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Anything over 20" and with rivets and a relatively flattish profile. A 22" swish is the best way to go.
I have a 22" Han Chi that I put a few rivets in that rivals my Zildjian swish in terms of mellowness, if you can find one of those...