China cymal placement


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I've always had my china cymbal to the right of my ride, (I'm right handed), but a combination of getting fed up with not having enough room in tiny venues to have it positioned there, and now doing backing vocals so I don't want to have to turn away from the mic too much means I've repositioned it to the left of my ride.

It's now somewhere between my mid hanging tom and floor tom which saves me a bit of space and means I don't have to turn away from the vocal mic so much...but best of all it's about a thousand times easier to play off...I don't know why I never positioned it there before.

Where do you position yours?


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Where you used to put yours... But I just sit in my basement practicing exercises, so it doesn't really matter :)


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I used to put it high and centered over my ride, which is at my 2:00 position (front right). Now it's at about 3:00, centered between my floor toms, within a few inches of my ride's right edge. Either way, it allows for quick hits off the ride.

I have a 14" that I position either close to the ride or close to the hi-hat for quick hits and patterns.

Back in the day, I had a second large china that I put to the left, at my 9:00 hanging over my hi-hat. Someday when I find an appropriate sounding china, I'll hang it there again.
In a trad 2-up, 1-down I like it to the left of my hats.

Play open-handed: very reachable
Play cross-stick: a bit out of the way but a cymbal that doesn't need to be RIGHT THERE my opinion...