Chick Corea! Drummer?


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Yea I saw him in concert with Jack Dejohnette and Bobby Mcferrin. He went to the drums and Jack went to the piano. It was amazing.


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great stuff.

On the reissue of Chick's Three Quartets, he plays drums on Parker's Confirmation. I know Steve Gadd cites his as a big influence on his drumming. The keyboard does belong to the percussion group of instruments.:)

Drummer Karl

Love these clips. Yes, this trio seems to be outstanding in any setting!
Chick Corea is indeed a good drummer with a drumming backround as well. Avishai Cohen is simply amazing...of course, especially on bass.

Great trio...and Chick sounds great on drums.

PS: Aydee, look out for a bass player called "05Ric", he does a project together with Gavin Harrison. Ric is also a member here, not just a great bass player but also a unique kind of drummer. He posted some drum videos here.



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That was pretty cool to watch. It's the same feeling as seeing a drummer playing another instrument, except kind of backwards. Jeff's got some nice cowbell playing too...


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Wow hes actually in the video... just not on piano. Thats kinda weird yet cool.
People who spend too much time together do end up looking like each other. Back to Single White Female 101 for you.

Great clip, aydee! I love his finesse and expression here.