Chester Thompson


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I was lucky enough to take lessons with Chester for about 2 months at forks drum closet. It's honestly scary how good he is. He can play everything open handed and crossed no problem at all. Speaking of which, I need to go practice....

Jeremy Bender

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If anyone has the chance, check out the Serioulsly Live DVD in Berlin, you get there the 3rd angle option where the camera focuses ONLY on Chester........through many songs, and we are taling here about 8-10 Min.'s just wonderful to see his concentration and his hits on toms............just amazing and wanting to play like him..........
Great suggestion!
Lots of solid concentration and groovin' going on here...

mike d

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Well, this is an old thread come back to life, but I have to add my admiration for Chester. I learned about him when listening to Zappa in the 70's. Since then, I just been amazed with his playing and his "POWER GROOVE". I think he's probably one of my all time favorite drummers and he has influenced my playing quite a bit. Truly amazing talent.
Here's something more recent...

mike d

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Notice also how he plays with his right hand well over his left when on the hat. I think that's how he gets away with it.


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He and Phil Collins both have their hi hat quite low. It helps keep the smaller toms from having to go way too high, and when you have as many toms as Chester uses it makes a difference.
Well, here we go again DRUMMERWORLD ONLINE FORUM group. Another discussion on a specific drummer has taken me back to fond memories of attending a past live performance and, ignited a new fire in listening enjoyment. I saw the band Genesis perform live once back in 1982 @ JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, as part of the Three Sides Live Tour, and man was it ever sure a treat. I have always been fond of Chester since then because of it. Big drums featuring open-handed playing, as well as one heck of a song & video right here -