check out the brass snare i just bought!


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14x6" Tama Warlord Athenian.

1mm Brass shells, with the RSE (bearing edge is very VERY obtuse and is solid, like literally solid)

Weighs a lot, havn't played it yet because im going to be replacing the skins tomorrow! I'll take more pictures and tell you how i go!

P.s. i bought this snare used for $550 - and it retails for over $1,500!

Xero Talent

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I am absolutely in love with the Warlord snares, and I've never been a Tama fan.

I'm dying to know where you got it for that price.

Also......... SOUND CLIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Great buy. Congratulations!
A solid looking drum. I've never played one or seen one up lose n' personal yest but I'd love to play one some day.


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Damn!! That snare looks like you could kill someone by throwing it at them, haha.

Great for gigging, may come in handy on a bar fight. lol.

Now seriously, it looks awesome and I bet it sounds great too.



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I'm dying to know where you got it for that price.
one of the guitarists in my band was filling in bass for another band, and the drummer for that band just bought the bell brass warlord (the one that retails in AUD for like $4,000) and he felt like he didn't need it.

i don't have any decent recording equipment yet, however in about 2 weeks i'm hoping to get a zoom q3hd recorder, so stay tuned for that!

I can tell you that its very, VERY loud, and has this absolutely beautiful high pitched cut that none of my other snares have.


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once again....jealous!! can't wait to hear how it sounds- I love the Warlord collection of snares