Cheap way to record the drums?


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It's funny because this morning, and I don't know what happened during the night, I believe a recorder with a camera would be a better idea then a microphone only.


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The ead10 should be on your list for the future i know its not cheap but i used to play music with my phone through earbuds with gun range muffs over them and hated it .i have the ead10 ,roland amp and headphones .and im in heaven
do you record with the ead10, if you do then how do you connect it to your computer?

Bruce M. Thomson

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I am looking for a cheap way to record myself while the play along music playing.. I tried with a consumer grade Sony HandyCam but it's very poor at recording the sound coming out of the speakers WITH the drums. So now I am thinking about getting a computer microphone to record the drums only while the music is playing from the computer and I would record the microphone and the track at the same time using Audacity.

Theoretical idea, it's think it's possible but I never tested it yet because I have no microphone to hook up to my computer.


I am searching for an inexpensive solution really.. perhaps a USB microphone? which one ? Something good enough to capture the sound with enough fidelity or maybe a mix of a webcam with a separate microphone ? So i could get an image with better sound then with the webcam's microphone?

- I have a computer with Linux Mint.

I want to focus more on a microphone then a camera but if there is a solution to get both for cheap.. I might consider it.

What should I do.
I use the Zoom H4n. Works fantastically.

Save up for an EAD10 haha.

I mean - look there's ways to get recording done for cheap.

How inexpensive is "inexpensive"?

You could do something like a zoom recorder - play along to a track in your headphones then mix it later with some freeware:

or even:


Oh here's a drumeo that shows you just the above:

I was als going to recommend the Zoom H4n.


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Its a high speed 2.0 usb cable .i used the mic on my phone to google cable for ead10 and it came right up.there are cheaper ways to record but the ead10 is hard to beat for everything it does.


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I bought a cheap Zoom QHD2 or something like that-it's all beat to hell and quit working but now works again. I need a newer version, but besides videoing yourself get a mirror to set up in front of you-you get immediate feedback rather than looking a video later. I used both.


If you want cheap and cheerful, get the Zoom H2n. The audio in these videos is done with one:

My buddy had one of those and we did a lengthy recording session in his bedroom with just drums and piano, it came out better then some studio recordings I've spent a ton of money on lol.

The really impressive part was how sensitive it's mic is. When we listened back to the recordings we heard people talking and thought we were going crazy. Turns out it clearly picked up (over our instruments!) a conversation his parents were having on the lower floor and opposite side of the house that our own ears couldn't hear in the room.