Cheap Instruments / Drums?


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is this a good deal? Should I go there and get it?

okay so I went with my brother to a pawn shop called American Jewelry and Loan. I found a concert snare and a stand for $36. I also found a cymbal stand with 3 cymbals for...i think it was about $20? (i'm not sure, maybe it was less) plus other drum set drums stacked in a pile as well as a sax (i don't know what it's called, it's a smaller sax).

I'm a newbie to percussion (second year bando) so I'm wondering if that's a good deal or if I should go elsewhere.


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We have to know what kind of cymbals/snare to be able to tell you its a good deal.

Trust me, you dont want to spend your money on garbage drums.


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Concert snare you say?

Usually that's not something you put on a drum kit.

Normally for large syphonic orchestras or pipe bands/drum corps, I would be curios, if it is a concert snare I would at first think it is pretty good.

Not the crap snare to match a drum set.


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Bad drums, and especially bad cymbals, aren't worth a penny a piece, they really sound like crap. So, it's either something like that, or you found a good deal, but without more info, it's hard to say for sure.