cheap hammered bronze snare


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Amazing! I have one of these snare drums and I bought it about 5 or 6 years ago.

About a year after I bought it, I went looking for it on the Internet so I could get another one as a gift for a friend. I could never find it.

When I bought this snare on Ebay, it was $90 new. It was called a Titan snare. When searching for this Titan later, I could only ever find those cheap Titan kits.

What your looking at there is an inexpensive Chinese snare. Seamed shell with a fold over bearing edge. The throw off is like the PP BOB throw off. The hoops are heavy and make this a pretty heavy drum. It's built like a tank actually. Single point lugs with shitty little gaskets but all the chrome is decent and luckily mine came with no imperfections.

I have a Remo CS on top of a clear Ambassador and I swapped the snares for some copper Puresounds.

The snare sounds fantastic. The heavy hoops dry the drum out quite a bit and it is not at all ringy like my PP BOB. I'm sure the hammered shell also contributes to this dry almost woody tone, but instead of making the drum quieter, it actually produces good volume and cuts very well.

Of all my snares, it is the one that guitar players I've played with (that like to play loud) like the best. I'm always amazed how when switching out snares, guys I've played with for a long time, ask me to put this snare back on the kit. The cheapest snare I own!?!

For $90, it was obviously a great deal and it is an excellent sounding snare. For $265, I don't know. Some web retailer sold this boat anchor to me and probably made a little money. That's quite a price increase. The model designate suggests it's a 6 inch drum. The specs located later in the text say it's a 6.5 inch drum.

It's actually a 5.5 inch drum (unless they made or make them in different sizes) I doubt it.

I think they made thousands of these drums years ago and they have been a blowout overstock item for distributors for a long time.

I think for $265 you can find a lot of better and same or better sounding snare drums. This is the perfect snare to buy if you can get it for $100 to $150, but not more.


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I got one of these shell drums in a 12" for my son about 3 years ago.
The drums itself sounds really good.
The hardware on it however is POS quality.
The screws are the very thin, small type. The lugs (when you replace the screw after working loose) come apart. They aren't one piece.
The rolled over edge is pretty skimpy too. Maybe 3/8 of an inch at most.
Other than that, it actually sounds like a much more expensive snare.
I paid less than 80 bucks for it, and it's worth what I paid.

The snare in the eBay thread, even though it has die cast hoops isn't worth $265. No way. MAYBE $100-$125 with the DC hoops.
Those are the same lugs and throw as the one we have, and those lugs (and the screws attaching them) are absolute junk (IMO of course).


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Probably sounds very nice.

However, I have brass and bronze drums and there are distinctive differences. I think the OP was looking for inexpensive bronze snares and not brass.

Cheap hammered bronze is tougher to find than just bronze. I've been curious about Ludwig Rocker Bronze models a s they sell cheap on eBay.

I plan on getting a Ludwig Hammered Bronze Supra one day. It gets rave reviews all of the time from owners and pros alike. I also enjoy the videos of Bill Stewart playing his Ludwig Bronze Supra. He gets a fantastic jazz sound out of it.

Alas, the Luddie is a bit pricey competing with Black Beauties so......another time and place. :)



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I was looking around on line to see if a manufacturer of this TKO can be determined and I found another site that sells the drum cheaper.

Check out this for $45 cheaper.

I"ll bet if you dig a bit more you can find this drum a lot cheaper.

Like I said, if you can find it for $100 to $150, it's definitely worth it.

Lug issues, gaskets and overall craftsmanship aside. For $100 or so, it is a great sounding snare.



This is mine. I love it. It is my main snare. The timbre of wood, and the brightness of metal. . Plus it looks fabulous darling. :)


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I have the 5.5 x 13 non-hammered version of this drum. Totally bummed that Mapex discontinued this line (at least I can't find them). Very nice bronze drums.


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I just got the Panther thick maple what an awesome drum...the hammered bronze just seemed like one I would like to get but think I'll stick to the Ludwig,Panther type brands..I had a Pearl sensitone bronze that had a really nice sound to it and a great price but they dont make a hammered shell..


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Ludwig LM 304.Bronze can be had for about 180 bucks NEW.

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I recently picked one of these up, It's currently on my kit, really digging it. For the price with a new reso-head it's sweet. Not hammered, but hey for 180 its bronze!!


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oops it's a lm 305 or a lm 306 for the 5 or 6.5 bronze versions. the lm 304 is brass 6.5. The shell has the same look and lugs as an acrolite, but I didn't check for a seam. I usually play very tight with 3/4 of a moon jel cut into 3 pieces on the drum so thats not an issue for me, I'm all about a crisp cutting sound. I had some instore credit and had never owned a bronze snare so I popped. Next time I jam I'll take a look and a photo of the inside of the shell for you if want. My gut tells me it is seamed, why else would the USA version be like 650$ if the import was essentially the exact same drum.
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