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Could mention a hundred thrills but a few that invade my thoughts are the bass drum sound on Honky tonk woman..the hair standing on the back of my head hearing the intro to Get off my cloud and the beauty of the open hihat thing he did on Angie.


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I saw them in France 35 years ago I think, horse racing stadium, 150.000 people, that was awesome and I Geils band opening, RIP Charlie.


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I'm not really much of a Stones fan, but this is hitting hard.

I grew up on classic rock radio, so I grew up hearing the Rolling Stones over and over again.

And I'm of the MTV Generation, so the "Start Me Up" video was also a huge part of my growing up.

And I love the song "Paint it Black".

And I love the story about Charlie punching Mick Jagger, essentially standing up for drummers everywhere against lead singer disease.

RIP Charlie.


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I am not a HUGE Stones fan, but Shattered, to me is one of the best songs ever. Great loud and even better louder!
As a "newbie" drum dude, Charlie's timing seemed impeccable IMO.

Darth Vater

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I'm crine.


Darth Vater

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The live version.....