Charleston, SC Drum Teacher


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It's time for a move. Looking for a teacher in Charleston SC. I had a great teacher in Seattle, guy brought me from zero to proficient in a two years. He loved every genre, very positive guy. I had a great teacher in Columbia too but schedules conflicted.

I am moving to Charleston after I retire from the military and I can devote time and energy to learning drums again.

Does anybody know of perspective teachers in the Charleston, Mount Pleasant area of Charleston? I figure it is better to ask here first and check Craigslist second.

FWIW, to me, finding a teacher that's compatible is harder than it sounds. Like being new all over again. Good for ego deflation though.

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Derek Roddy

Hi John,
I know a few people in the Charleston/Mt Pleasant area that might could get you going there.

I'll actually be in Columbia at Simms Music performing a clinic on Sept 13th....I think a few guys from Charleston are going to come up.......if you can make it, I'll introduce you to them.

In the mean time...I'll look through my address book and see who I got in there from the area.

It may take me a couple of weeks but, hit me back here (if I don't see you Cola) and we'll make it happen.



Quentin Baxter is as sick a drummer as they come. He has played with Eddie Henderson & Donald Byrd just to mention a few;) Here is some footage of his snazzy work:

You can contact him (via Phone) using the college directory here: *He is under adjunct faculty. He has a website too w/ email info: It's worth visting for just the music!!

And Quention's bio:



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Many thanks. Exactly the information I was looking for. Much gratitude gentlemen.