Changing your Kit set up from the traditional set up?

Hey Drummers!
Joey says hello!
Lately I have been playing around with my kit set ups on both my acoustic and electronic kits. I have been shifting toms, cymbals and the hats around in different places and I have felt that it's in someway, improved my musicality and creativity on the set.

What are your thoughts on this Ladies and Gents?
Thank you !

Joey Moujalli,
2011 WFD winner and 2011 Drum Against Cancer foundation.


I frequently change between 2u1d and floor Tom only, but that's probably as far as I get. As for playing lefty, Bo... It is something I've wanted to try but haven't had the time to do so.

In general, my reason for changing is to be comfortable and creative with just about any setting. Bringing it down to kick/snare/hats is also good for locking into a groove.


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Guess I have without realizing. One small simple/takes no time change I made is to just reverse my rack toms. I have 4 toms but really only use 3 (1 up 2 down) so instead of taking the 4th down, I switched them and have tuned the smallest 10" up a bit and use it for accents. So from the snare my toms are 12/10/14/16 as you go around/down.

Probably will eventually get rid of it but it lets me play the 12 more and eases triplets etc.


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I've recently moved my kit around to be as symmetrical as possible (see crappy pic below). It's definitely opened up my creativity and makes it more interesting (not to mention more difficult) to play "standard fills." I'm also trying to play entirely open-handed (both right and left hand lead), so it's definitely helped me in that respect as well. In short, I'm a big fan of trying new and creative set ups.


Thanks for your replies, you all have great methods and those are some beautiful drum sets. My set up consists of two hi-hats. one on the traditional left side and another in the place of rack tom 2 (hydraulic hats). my rack tom 2 is where the tom 1 would usually be, rack tom 2 is to my left and the 3rd is under my ride to the right.

I love an open set up and it really has brought out the creativity.