Changing pedal=Changing technique?


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I just recently went from Iron Cobra rolling glide pedals to Pearl eliminator belt drive pedals using the red cam. I only ever played those Iron Cobras, so it's a big difference. I've noticed that I have to play differently. Even though the elims are lighter feeling and are easier to play fast without getting as tired as with the IC's, I am hurting my knee when I play.

I find with the cobras I would play heel up exclusively in order to get speed, which would be tough on my calves and ankles. The elims just feel faster, but my strokes are quieter , so I subconciously end up using a lot more leg in my pedal stroke so I can hear myself when my band w. 2 marshalls is playing (metal). I have gone up in speed about 25bpm/16ths since I switched over. I think what I'm doing is what Derek Roddy calls the flatfoot technique.

My problem is I have a semi-bad knee and it is causing me pain. But I love going faster with less effort....

??? what should I do???



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i had a similar problem with the eliminators,try moving the beater angle back...might make up for lack of weight.It worked for me.

Mr. Jenkins

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For a great explanation of the heel up technique (Moeller for the bass drum) you should check out the DVD "Bass Drum and Hi Hat Technique" by Michael Packer. It's a very informative DVD that has helped me a bunch with simillar issues.


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I also have a bit of problem controlling the eliminator which I bought recently on ebay. I didn't know what was wrong. But now you guys mentioned it, probably it's because it's too light.

By the way, which cam does what? I don't really know which cam to use....


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red cam=lightest feel, most power (allegedly), for fast powerful playing
blue cam=less radical cam shape than red but similar
black cam=even round cam shape like an iron cobra rolling glide
white cam=bigger version of black cam, has a lighter feel