Changing my cymbal setup.


Right so I've finally come into enough money to start changing the my cymbals. I play punk rock/alternative rock and I'm a fairly hard hitter. (I've broken a few crashes. All second hand, and probably not suitable for the way I play.)

Anyway, since my nearest well stocked music store is a fair drive away; I'm looking for recommendations for cymbals before I go. What I'm looking for are 2 loud, cutting Crashes (18-20"). Also I am looking for a Ride (21-22") that is fairly bright, with a good stick tone, solid cutting bell and pretty good crash-ability.

I'm not loyal to any particular brand, I just want cymbals with plenty of cut and that are suitable for a hard hitting drummer, so I'm not really interested in dark cymbals. I'm aware I ask alot, but any feedback is really appreciated.
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Meinl MB series comes to mind... MB20, MB10, MB8...

speaking of which, the other day I tried the Meinl Fat hats (16") and those might fit for what you're thinking (though you didn't mention you were looking for hihats). The bell on the top hats could really be used as a bell ... haven't seen bells on hihats that big :)


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loud crashes:
zildjian z3 or z custom
sabian aa brigth crash
paiste rude
bosphorus gold
meinl b10 or soundcaster

but for the ride , if you are going to crash-ride , I wouldn't go for a brigth ride because your crashes won't be able to cut through .


Thanks for the suggestions guys I will make sure to check some of that stuff out :). I seem to hear good things said about Sabian AAX Xplosion only concern with them they're a medium-thin cymbal? So I may be a bit worried about breaking them...
I guess I need to work on my technique with crashes aswell...

Also love the sound of the paiste 2002 ride but un-certain how crashable that is...
Anybody use either of these?


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I use a Paiste 2oo2 22" Ride and it works great for just about everything. It's definitely pingy enough for my taste (but admittedly, I don't like a ride that's too pingy), and it also will crash with a bit of effort. I occasionally crash on mine, but more frequently I like to get it to wash out and it does that perfectly.

I also have an AAX Xplosion crash in the 20" size. It's pretty cool. I have it mixed with a couple A Customs (an 18" Projection and a 19" regular).

I also hit pretty hard most of the time and occasionally crack cymbals, but for me, it's more important to have cymbals that sound good and are easy to play than it is to have a manhole cover that I'm thinking will never break.

The debate rages over whether thicker cymbals even last longer because they're stiffer and not very sensitive. You actually NEED to beat the hell out them (just to get them to respond), and they don't flex so are more prone to cracking. Bad combo. Personally, I don't like thick cymbals. They may be right for you, though. But don't dismiss the mediums or medium-thins just because you think you'll break them would be my advice.


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I guess I need to work on my technique with crashes aswell...
That would be the first thing i would do before laying down good money on pro cymbals. Thin, Medium-Thin, Medium or Heavy...IMO it doesn't matter. You can swing from the dressing room as long as you hit the cymbal with good technique you should be ok. I'm not going to say you won't ever break/crack a cymbal because that can happen to anybody. Good technique, however, will at least make it less likely as long as there isn't any factory defects, and that can happen but those are few and far between. This is, of course, only my opinion.

As far as what your looking for...yeah i would have to say Paiste 2002 or Rude's also. I'm a Sabian guy personally but imo there isn't a bad cymbal to be had in the 2002 line. Most of those should fit your needs. The Rude series has to be the ugliest cymbals i think i've ever seen but those things can definately sing. Again, many gems to be had in that line as well. Good luck with your search!


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i would check out the zildjian a's in rock weights. and if u could find one on ebay, the zildjian earth ride is KILLER