Chance to buy this 2nd Hand Shine Select Custom Maple Kit


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I am assuming you and the kit are in Ireland?

I have no idea what Boutique/small maker kits are going for there,whether U.S. or
Euro made, I know American vintage drums generally go for 30 to 40 percent more than they do here.

Here in the U.S. that kit would bring 750.00 tops IMO,most boutiques don't have great resale value here,and the more unusual the sizes and finishes,they go for even less.

That kit has reasonably common sizes and the finish is not that far out,and as far as I know Shine was a decent quality Keller shell/build.I think you would be getting 750.00 worth of quality.Looks like the kit has been for sale for a year,
if you could I would see if you could play them,and make an offer.


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Shine was like all those other Keller Shell "Custom" Companies. They basically handed out "endorsements," basically vanity deals, to anyone who wanted one and gave them a slight discount from their list prices on buying their kits.

This is hearsay, but I knew a guy who was a Shine endorser and he was saying that basically as they were going out of business they stopped using Kellers and were shipping stuff in from overseas. QC ended up really bad, and some people were getting drums with some very bad flaws. Finish issues, lugs not fitting correctly in the pre-drilled shells, etc.

I think as long it is an earlier set you should be okay.