Chain to direct drive conversion, with a possible twist


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I have a Tama Camco pedal, likely from the 80s or early 90s, on a footplate, no less (I think it was the left side of a double, but was converted to a single by the time I purchased it used in '91). It served me very well for years, until I stumbled on a great deal on an Iron Cobra around 2006, when I realized that if I break that "Tamco", there might not be any fixing it (not that I've ever broken a pedal, but with my luck, soon as I think it'll never happen, that's when it would happen). So, I retired it. It's a single chain so it had a slight bit of sideways play in it that didn't bother me much. I've been intrigued by DD pedals of late, so I ask Drummerworld- does anyone know if this pedal is able to be converted to DD, and if so, where I get the parts? Thanks in advance! 💯


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I've been thinking of doing this to my Pearl p902. Drum factory direct has what I need.

For the Camco pedal, get a micrometer and measure the hexagonal crossbar that the cam attaches to. Now go measure every DD crossbar you can. If you find a match, the top part is easy. The footplate attachment might be a problem. The linkage will attach at the toe stop. If the linkage won't reach, you may have to drill and tap a new hole. Otherwise, it should be pretty straight forward.

Once you know whose linkage will fit the crossbar, just Google "X brand direct drive linkage" and the part should magically appear with purchase info!

If you have never disassembled a pedal before, it's pretty easy. Just make sure you lay the parts out as they go back together so you don't get confused.


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ACD makes a DD conversion for the Iron Cobra. Maybe, since you have both, you'll be able to figure out if it will fit the Camco by Tama.

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The main hex shaft on Pearl and Tama pedals is the same size, so anything that attaches to it from a Powershifter, Demon Drive or Iron Cobra are all interchangeable. I converted my Powershifter Eliminators to direct drive using the Demon Drive direct linkage (from Drum Factory Direct -$60.00) and the Tama Vari-Pitch beater holders. You will need to be able to have a separate footboard height/beater angle adjustment to make this work. I had to do a little bit of machine work on the pedal to get the clearence of the Vari-Pitch to not rub on the slave side. The only unknown is how the Pear link will attach to the Tama footboard.
I've been using this set-up on my second kit and I can say that this pedal is almost as good as my Speed Cobra and better than my Axis.