Certainly not like riding a bike!!!


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My new DW 9002 Double Pedal came in today!! I was thrilled. I thought that it would be "like riding a bike". Boy, was I wrong.

Although I can play in short bursts, I am finding it difficult to do what I used to be able to do a year ago!!!!

I believe I am going to need to lower my throne as I am needing to use to much ankle (I play heel up) and not enough leg.

So, now I have to re adjust everything.

Although, by the end of the night, I was playing much better than when I started. So hopefully, once I get my throne height adjusted, I will be able to get "it" back.


Oh, the pedals are buttery smooth and actually feel great. Especially for ruffs and stuff like that. So, I know it isn't the pedals. Unfortunately it is me!

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I bought the 9000s when they first came out because I thought it was the best pedal design ever and had to have them. But having played the 5000 single-chain pedal forever, I could not get used to the 9000s feel. They are as smooth as silk, but I couldn't get as much power out of them as the 5000. There doesn't seem to be as much wind-up or travel time from the beater to the head.

Like you said it could be me and not the pedal, but I didn't see the point of owning the 9000 when I was perfectly happy with the 5000 feel. So I returned them.




thats humbled me your openness to it being your playing that needs alil tweaking not the pedals construction. not to be a hippy liberal douche cuz i aitn but yaknow...nice.
i dont konw you (obviously) but i imagine you do yourself a discredit there - for me, getting on a bike after not doing it for quite some time (earlier on in my biking career lol) resulted in a few crashes...if you could pick up anything by the night, a talented player are ya.


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In this case, instead of adjusting your throne height, which might compromise your comfort with the rest of your kit, I would experiment with adjusting the spring tension, plate angle, cam angle, and the beater angle to your comfort level.

Although, like you said, if we all had fully (drum) developed legs the kind of pedal would be a non-issue.

I play heel-up like you do, as well, and I've found that practicing heel-down, away from the kit (like when I'm at work taking a break) has helped my technique quite a bit.

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