Cashing in on the dead.. (Aquarian now..)


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So awhile ago a drum company was talking bout making a buddy rich snare.. which i found just appalling. And now i just got a email from Aquarian that they are now making Buddy Rich heads. Does the cashing in on a dead persons name bug anyone else or am i out of line? I actually love Aquarian heads but don't think i want to give them any more money after this.

I realize i'm a cranky old man. but i can't be the only one that hates this stuff..


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Cashing in, or making legitimate deals with the estate (read: Family) and mutally benefitting both?

Personally, I have no idea, but I certainly won't begrudge either...


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Ford, Chevrolet, Edsel are all dead and the brand lives on. I see it more of a tribute than cashing in. People on this forum refer to their Bohnam sets, there are now drum sticks named after many drummers passed. I would find an other pet peive and let this one go. I'm sure the Craviotto drums will continue, all of the Ludwig, and Gretsch drums are named after persons long passed. Time to move on.


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ok. it's just me then:) i tend to get hung up on things so a reality check doesn't hurt..


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Well they've removed all Prince stuff from Spotify so you need to buy the CDs or the vinyls :(