Case sizes and Protection Racket


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are drum size designations supposed to be standard? for instance, I have an 8x10 TOM. I was under the impression that those dimensions always reference a drum with a 10" head and an 8" height.

So when a case is needed, it should also be the the same metric used. This does not appear to be the case for Protection Racket cases. It looks like an 8x10 tom needs a 10x8 Protection Racket case.

Can someone verify this please? ;-)


Road Bull

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I have a lot of these cases. I love them. The first measurement is the size of your drum head. The next is your depth. So... a 14" snare that is 8" deep would be listed as 14"x8".

Sometimes there is a little confusion as to what is what measurement. Check out there website for examples.>>>

If you are ever "close" in size to what you think you need, bigger never hurts. Some of my cases allow for rim-mounts. I have no rim-mounts, but having a little extra space and material can be really nice. Easy to get in, and, more padding. For instance my bass cases are 22X18. I have 22x16 bass drums. I really like the extra little bit of depth that is not needed. It makes them easy to get in and out, and handle. They work great. I love these cases.


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I think the confusion lies in the way the sizes are written in different countries.
Where you are they tend to write it as height X diameter, whereas a lot of countries write it as diameter X height.
So a 10" diameter X 8" height Tom would be written as 8 X 10 in the States, but 10 X 8 in the UK (for example).


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Thanks Road Bull. So a 20" bass drum should have no issues in a 20" case. And if the tom case description says 'RIMS' all that means there is extra room for RIM mounts. Do you think RIM mounts equate to 'shock' mounts?

Thanks Dodeska. I was figuring that may be the answer for UK cases, but wanted to make sure. :)