Carter Beauford


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I've just never understood the appeal of Beauford's playing.
No problem, but then shouldn't you be on other threads discussing players that you ACTUALLY like? A whole lot more worthwhile than discussing in dissent of a modern-day, veritable legend? What do you think? I don't get Gergo Borlai, but I'm not on his threads dissing him. Just kidding, I think Borlai is MONSTER :)


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I am sure most would love a chance to dissect specific parts of his music if something specific is brought up. But as noted above, not a whole to to be gained from 'I think he sucks'.
I've just never understood the appeal of Beauford's playing.
I used to worship Carter. I don't like how his style has evolved, he has lost a lot of what made the band sound so good in their prime. I can't really describe it technically. I last saw them in 2016 and he wasn't the tasteful musical drummer he was when I first saw them. back then his playing was just so solid and relatively simple compared to today.

still, here's what I told my wife when she asked why I love him

he has perfect time, like a clock according to Dave

speed doesn't make a good drummer but his blazing speed, 32nd notes down the toms leading left handed, try that yourself

his explosive improvisational skills, and the improvisation always fits

his incredible stamina, he's a heavy hitter and overall entertaining to watch live

his flawless double bass/cymbal crossovers

his kit sounds amazing, his kit from 2013, Recording Customs/Black Beauty/Ks and As, it all just worked, that Recording Custom attack and kick sound

emotional bond formed seeing DMB as a 20 something year old

he's an all around nice guy, approachable, lives in a $6M house and takes pictures with fans

listen to how DMB sounded around 2000. I have never heard a band like that. I have never seen another drummer like that. he's one of a kind if nothing else. like my beautiful wife. he just does something to me.

he f@cking loves playing drums

fast forward to 6:17 never gets old
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