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Advice for a first time buyer of gig bag.
I have a small drum kit and advice wanted for an adequate bag / case for carrying the drums stands etc. Is it advisable to to get one that will take the full length of the hi-hat stand with the rod intact--or how many drummers unscrew the rod?

Any advice on make of bag that is durable--avoid the cheaper bags?
Anybody use keyboard bag? Just as good as a drum bag?

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Personally I would always dismantle the hi hat stand, unscrew the rod and protect it inside of the upper portion of the stand. As for bags, I’ve actually had good use with cheap holdalls from Argos (a UK catalogue shop). Not branded, not featuring any special reinforcement areas but for £10-20 I’ve got one that’s pristine after at least 3 years which in fairness is only used to carry lightweight hardware, and another battered one that I probably need to replace which I’ve used for heavier hardware but is about 13 years old so I can’t complain as it’s lasted well and owes me nothing.


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I would highly recommend a longer case. You can save a LOT of time if you don't have to completely collapse your cymbal stands or take your hi-hat stand apart.

I used to use a long golf bag with wheels that was found at the thrift store, it worked great. Didn't have to resize any of the cymbal stands because they were already at the correct height. Same went for the hi-hat stand.

But, recently I got a DW Ultralight hardware pack, and while it's awesome, it's nowhere near as fast as my previous setup. Every cymbal stand has to be completely unfolded and fiddled with until I get the correct height for my cymbals, and the hi-hat stand has to be re-assembled every time.

Compact bags are nice for portability, but there's a price to pay. It may take a few minutes longer to set up.
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I purchased Protech and Gibralter heavy duty bags a few years ago with moderate use and they've held up but I can see signs of wear these days. I do not break down HH or any stands for that matter, just remove the boom-arms from stands. I do extend the HH tube "up" when travelling to protect the piece I use heavy DW hardware so I split h/w between two bags..... Previously, I used hard sided cases and while they're great for protecting, they suck for giggin at small place to put 'em 'cept my car....