Carpal Tunnel


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i'm having a lot of trouble with this over the past few weeks. started after overdoing it on a gig. was at work the next day ( i'm a waiter/barman) and my whole right hand seized up. kept dropping shit. it's subsided somewhat in that my hand isn't completely seized up now, but having said that, it's really painful right now as i type this. i had to get my hours cut at work. i'm getting physio at the mo, she's treating it with acupuncture. i'm also on anti inflammatories, which i have to say, i have zero faith in. it's really cuttin me up. i had chronic groin pain for nearly three years and that stopped me playin intermittently over the years, now that that has cleared up, along comes this. pain in the ass. i'm also trying chinese meditation balls to see if they help loosen up my arms or whatever, and i've also been reading the somewhat controversial works by a doc called john sarno, 'the mind body prescription' and 'the divided mind'. they're basically about psychosomatic illnesses, which some people may find hard to swallow, but i've been hit with so many aches and pains over the past few years that i felt it was something i had to investigate, especially since i managed to alleviate most of my chronic groin pain through meditation and deep breathing exercises. the mind is an immensly powerful thing. anyone else have anything to say on this. i really want to get back giggin and playing again. i used to find it hard to sit down and practise, but now that i actually can't, it's killin me! u don't know what u got till it's gone....
Take doctor's orders, leave alone long enough to recover and then acquire proper technique under the supervision of a respected teacher. Old habits quickly return in a gig situation, so best not be gigging until your technique is sorted.


hmmm....i hear ya, my technique isn't the worst, ie, i pay a lot of attention to makin sure i'm relaxed, it was more a case of tryin to push through plateaus that brought it on, not many teachers that are worth it where i'm at, anyways, i find jojo's dvd and others to be the best teachers! cheers though! u find it subsided yourself?