Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


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Often folks fold their hand under their cheek.

What was happening is that I was aggravating the carpal tunnels during the day with activity, and then preventing them from recovering at night by folding my wrist over.

Instead of wearing the wrist braces during the day, I took to wearing them at night.
Yes that is right. It has been a few years since I did that. Thanks for reminding me.

I recently experimented with rearrainging my set to 1up 2down,lowering my crashes,and placing my ride over my kick.Allowing me to swing down on the drums,taking less stress to my wrists,and an added bonus sparked creativity with the new set up.I haven't felt any numbness at all,and enjoying it!


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The numbness in my thumb, index and middle finger are most intense right after I wake up in the morning, so it must be the way I sleep.


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Long Term Solution ... Physiotherapist and Chiropractor for treatment.

Nutritious Diet, Cardio and Compound Weight training, Yoga and Stretching for general good health and healing.

Modern Ergonomic Drum Techniques, Long Loose Grip as opposed to Short Tight Grip and Moeller Method for relaxed technique.

Stick Wraps and Bigger Size Sticks for a more relaxed grip.

Good luck.