Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?


I was wanted to play fast and play the blast beats.

But I don't know what technique should I use when playing these. Should I use flying fingers?

I have pain on my wrists when play traditionally [especially in left hand]. I'm just not sure about those drumming technique and stuff.
Will I get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome etc.?


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If you don't use proper technique, yes you probably will get Carpal tunnel syndrome "CTS". I had surgery several years ago to correct severe CTS in my right hand and it was the best move I ever made, and I did use proper technique, CTS is a repetetive motion issue, You can seriously lessen your chances of developing it by warming up and stretching, and by all means seek a teacher to at least make sure your technique is good.

It is characterised by pain, sometimes severe in the wrist and hands and especially numbness in your thumb and first 2 fingers. But if you are careful and use proper technique you can play as hard and fast as you want and may never develop a single problem.

Good luck.

Therma lobsterdore

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I think the key to avoiding CTS is to learn to play loose and relaxed no matter how hard or fast your playing, that takes a loooooong time and a lot of practice though. Warming up is obviously a good idea, but I've heard some horror stories about stretching incorrectly actually causing injuries, so you gotta be careful with that.


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Yes that is very true, be careful stretching. For your carpel tunnel, lay the back of your hand across a flat surface and with the help of a friend or by yourself, grab either side of the heel of your hand gently knead outwards, kind of pulling the tendons outward and relaxing and loosening the heel of your hand, and then yes you need to play as relaxed as possible, that makes a Huge difference.

Thanks for pointing that out therma...............Who was that masked man anyway?!?!


I used to suffer from this some years ago and had to have surgery on my left hand. I have a phobia to needles of any sort so when I was informed I would need to have the right hand treated as well, I chickened out. One experience was enough for me. They say there is a 60% success rate for surgery, I must be one of them because since undergoing the surgery it cleared up the condition strangely in both my hands and I never had to go back for the right hand surgery.
Posting this link (hope it works) which explains the new medical thinking about Capol Tunnel Syndrome for information.


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I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist. I am a touring drummer, so I play almost everyday. My best treatment is that I atleast ice it each day, and always have some sort of wrist splint or tightly wrapped ace bandage around it. I always keep a tight ace bandage around it when I play and it usually helps, without it, I experience great pain.

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Not to thread jack here but I think it pertains to the subject at hand. What if someone thinks they have CTS but do not have the resources (money, insurance) to go about correcting the issue?

Is there anything that can be done to heal the damage? Or is surgery the only option when CTS is achieved?