Carol Kaye's thoughts on her homage in Mrs. Maisel and on Hal Blaine.

I'm sorry to hear she felt that way—although it's understandable—since the show's pretty fabulous, and I thought it was a nice homage.


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I get sad when I read about her statements. I feel bad for her. Many have attacked her throughout her career, and regardless of a detail here and there, she deserves a great deal of Respect and Love. She is a very important player in music history.


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It is sad.

Yes, she deserves a ton of respect, and she doesn't always get it. But even when people try to show her respect, or do a tribute to her, she lashes out that's somehow not right. I think most people would be thrilled to be mentioned in a movie or have a character based on them, or whatever. Instead, she sees it as slander.


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I love her. Her attitude is no different than Buddy Rich. She's out front with her opinions and damned good on guitar and bass. How many of us wish we could have the success and resume like hers? Thanks for the music and inspiration Carol.


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Much respect of her, and no doubt it was not easy times for her at any point. I think the Post is just stirring up a non-story. I mean did they phone her to ask about the series? If so, she should have just let it lie....a silly TV series character is way below her.
Love her line: ...."but when you hear somebody with b*lls, that’s me.”