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Not so long ago I made a similar thread to this one.

I'm also young (20 year old), and I'm dropping out now at my 3rd year of Architecture to pursue Music (no need to comment on this part). It just happened to me naturally, it came to a point where I could not study and devote time to something that I did not want to be. And i certainly wouldn't do it just for the money. I was really frustrated.

So now I'm going to finally pursue that which I love. I do not expect to become a mega rock star. I think my expectations have matured since I made this decision.

So my most immediate objective is to get a degree in Music performance.

Couple of questions to you guys:

-Does that degree allow me to apply for teaching positions in schools/colleges?
-Do you not consider a teaching position along with private teaching (not counting giging), a steady enough income source?

EDIT: Just another thing I think it's worth mentioning. Everyone is talking about getting gigs, as a sort of temporary job and no real attachment to it. I say that we should always be trying to find a group of talented individuals to make great music with, as opposed to just filling in and learning a couple of songs, which I recognize it has to be done in order to get a quick pay.

Jeremy Bender

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I'm 46 years old. I would recommend playing the music you love to play because life is too short for regrets.

P.S. Try to marry a rich woman also.


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Being only 15 I still have my life ahead of me and as a drummer I would love to know what jobs are out there for our kind :) I know you can always get gigs with band(s) but is that enough to make a living? other than drum teaching Im completely anaware of drum careers and how to get them. Can you do univercity courses dedicated to drumming and such?
Please help introduce me to the drummers lifestyle :D
Here's what I've learned at 50 yrs of age.

1) To be a professional musician, you have to take a vow of poverty. Anything over and above that is a bonus

2) There is none to negligible work as a drummer.

To work successfully as one, you have to be scary-good, remarkably lucky, have a very thick hide, and be a phenominal networker. All at the same time. As a betting man, I'd throw my cards, at this point.

3) To study music in unversity will always be an asset in that you could always be a teacher, but alas teachers also dont make a ton of money, we know that.

4) There are associated careers in music production/engineering etc which might be on more solid footing than being a gigging musician. Possibilities of regular work are a little more realistic here.

HOWEVER... I 've also learned that...

5) Its important to do what your heart tells you to do, because to not follow your passion, and chase your dreams always catches you to you sooner or later and there is no greater joy in life, I can assure you.

6) ANd the good news.. If you really are a true/blue/dyed in the wool/cant be anything but a musician, there the choice is real easy...because.. there is no choice. You cannot help being anything else but a musician. Its not an either or.

good luck.

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