Carbon fibre


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This snare will be heading to its new home, a recording studio in Nashville. Hopefully it will become a part of music history.
Started life as a carbon fibre shell which I was not happy with the overall integrity. I cut it down one inch from both ends, and using a donor 6 ply Maple shell I had kicking around the shop, I cut the ends off that, routed them to slip inside the carbon fibre shell, re-cut the bearing edges and snare beds.
I powder coated the Allstar lugs die cast hoops and Pearl knock off throw off and made a vent dressing of two tone Rosewood.
Sounds Loud and Fat which is exactly what the customer requested.



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I'd really like to try that one. I have no idea what carbon fibre would sound like
as a drum shell.
Is it relatively dry - or ringy? I'm thinking it's gotta' be on the dry side.
A really unique looking drum. I like it.