Capelle Drums/Ludwig Rocker Bronze


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I went to a friends lockup last night to grab some drumheads, he said have a mooch through his gear as it was all for sale, amongst it was a Capelle Turbo Drum Kit, this thing is up there with the old trixons or vox kits in terms of wierd.

The bass drum was 24" but 32" deep yes 32". The other thing that struck me is that the bearing edges were inside out. The other toms were 12,13,16.

The question is why 32" deep, surely it's totally impractical and would sound awful.

On another note does anyone have a Ludwig Rocker Bronze 14x6.5, the same guy has one for sale and I'm intrigued, are they any good? I have supras and an acro but does can this compete?