can't find a band!


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I play drums for eight years now. I've already played in a band, but it didn't work out well, so I quit.
Now I can't find someone to play with although I have been searching for more than half a year!
I don't know if this problem is very common, but if someone has a simmilar problem: Do you have any suggestions how I can keep myself motivated?


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I think it depends were you are like school, uni, college or whatever if your in any of those its easy to get in a band because there are so many people but if your not in any of those it's harder, Maybe start goin to workshops like jazz workshops or whatever your into or some drum clinics and get talking to other musicians and hopefully get some band members

Good luck !!!



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Take music classes at community college.

I get approached by musicians for their bands at least once for every hands on class I have taken. I am in the SF bay area though, we have a ton of musicians.


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I took a sabbatical from playing for about 15 years. I decided to start playing again about three years ago. I placed an ad on Harmony Central and some musicians that lived near me contacted me. I have been playing R&B with them ever since. A woman who works in a liquor store that I frequent noticed my drums in my truck. We started talking and the next thing that I knew I was playing in a Contemporary Bluegrass Band. Frequently when I play a gig with my bands, Musicians that are at the venue that we are playing at ask me to do projects with them. It may be some recording or just a gig or two. I went to an open jam night at a popular night club. I have played with several people that I met there. Musicians and bands are all around you. Its just a matter of networking! Make sure that you keep a contact list of all whom you play with and make notes about them so you can call upon them when you need to put something together. Maintain contact with the musicians that you know, Send "what's up, how are you doing?" emails to them from time to time. Do not discard people that you played with and it didn't work out. The next time that you play with them under different circumstances things may be better.
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