Can't figure out this bass drum pattern


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I've been trying for awhile and I can't quite figure out what Ryan Torf (drummer of TSSF) plays on the bass drum during the verse of this song (around 0:33):

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If there is a tab you could direct me to, that would be fantastic. I know this is a pretty standard "punk" beat.


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Yup, a pretty standard punk beat, the kick is played on 1 and on the & of 2 and the & of 4. The tempo and style means that it's probably not played with absolute metronomic accuracy, which can give it that sort of "lagged" feel sometimes.

Quick "tab":
B: 1---2---3---4---
S: ----X-------X---
K: X-----X---X-----
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I agree with Naig.

Small tip, If you use the youtube html5 player, you can cut it to half speed in the settings popup (where you select the resolution and annotations). I 'really' wish I had this tech 20 years ago when learning guitar.

This makes figuring out moderately quick parts much easier prior to having my coffee.