Canopus "Hazy" Snare Drum Head


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I recently got a set of Canopus NV60s, and they are terrific. The drums came with standared remo ambassadors, EXCEPT for the snare's batter head, which is stamped Canopus "Hazy." I'm crazy for the snare drum--it's sound and feel. But remo doesn't offer a "hazy" ambassador batter head. I'm a Canopus endorser, and I sent them a note, asking about it. They responded that the Ambassador "Hazy" heads are bespoke, though remo makes the line for them. Thing is--I'm waiting for their response--buying heads sent directly from Japan will cost beaucoup. Anyone out there know if I can find a Canopus "Hazy" batter head?


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Remo does offer an Ambassador a hazy snare side . I have been using them for years .


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Maybe it's just me but I don't like hazy or clear batter heads. I find it a distraction looking into the drum shell while playing. Weird eh?