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Hello...Seems finding anything to do with Drums is extremely difficult in Canada...Used and Vintage especially...I'm always looking for Ludwig or Gretsch drums, Hardware of any kind and Zildjian Cymbals but Sabian, Paiste work too...At least this way, if it's in Canada, we can all be in on it...Weiland sorta correct " Conversation kills" but Duty kills even more...You guys in US of A so lucky to have it all there.!. Best to all of


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Canada is home to three very well made drums.
CANWOOD, while I believe they no longer exist, was one of the first to offer 100% Maple shells (if I'm not mistaken), and I've never heard anything bad about the sound or reliability of TEMPUS fiberglass drums.
Then of course there's DUNNETT CLASSIC DRUMS and his landmark Titanium shelled snare drums.
Some of the best I've ever played on.
I'm sure there's others, but those stand out in my mind.
...and nice to see the CBC brought back "Hunter's Hinterland Who's Who". I missed those shorts, but they need a better announcer. The guy who used to do it had a GREAT voice!