Can you guys help me win my first gig?


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Hey guys, This might not be allowed on the DW forums, or it might be frouwned upon but hear me out as I really didn't want to ask this.

My bands entered in a poll to see who plays at a local upcoming 12 hour metal festival called Metieval Winterfest, it ends tonight and the person with the most votes wins, quite simple except that one band has a massively unfair advantage than all the others.

Like 3 of the other bands that are wanting to plat we've just started and would like this to be our first gig but were up against another band called the occupier which have a fan base of over 700, the 2nd largest of the band is encryption with 59 likes. So there's a bit of an unfair advantage were in second though so that isn't bad but its taken a lot of work.

If you could vote for my band then please vote and let me know, if you wanna have a listen to the demo that's up on our page then it on the link below

Thank you a lot for reading this, and I'm sorry if this is against DW rules, but the only way were going to get votes is from things like this.

My band (Scythe of War):

The poll from the metieval page: