Can someone write a fill out for me?


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I'm trying to figure out a fill, but I can't get it right.

The fill is from 'The art of dying' by Gojira.
The fill is played at 7:40 minutes.

So can someone please write this fill out for me?

Thank you! :)


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Just listened to the whole song. The snare roll at 7:40 is just a triplet. 1-2-3 under 4. If you can play the rest of the song this should be no problem. If it's something else, 7:40 isn't the fill you are asking for.


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Is it really that simple?
Okay I listened a ton more. I was a bit sleepy last night, no it's not that simple. It's 4 snare hits, 1 kick, 1 snare. It's all linear, so S-S-S-S-K-S. It's still a triplet feel, and there is a crash with the last snare hit. The fill is kinda shoved in there, so it seems kind of weird in it's placement.


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I'm hearing K-S-S-S-S-K-S K K

Red notes are triplets, green notes are 8th notes.
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