Can somebody notate this?




I've been working on a part for a 6/8 backing track and like to change the timing round because the song changes quite a lot so changing the time signature of the drums helps suit how it changes.
Some parts of the song are less 'lively', and other parts are crazy.

I'd like to see how just the drum part looks notated but so its all over 6/8

The parts from 00:00-00:11, 00-34:00:04, and 01:03-01-11 are what I'd like notated. The rest doesn't need to be notated as there rusty and are beyond what I'd like
is this possible and is there anybody who can do it?

Cheers, Cheese
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it's a backing track that's in the roland td12
I can record just the drum part too


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Yeah... it's a gag, right?

But if you're serious, I don't see how writing anything out is either necessary, or of any benefit to anyone, given how... um... "crazy" the parts are.

nah... you're pulling our legs... it's April Fool's +5, right?


No, its no April fools joke (April is 7 months away)

Ill try and Repost again but with no backing track and better tempo (still working on this)

I'm just interested to see how it will look over 6/8 because I like doing this.

I Don't like sheet music that much.

Its just ride cymbal and hi hat but the timing changes over the backing which is in 6/8.