Can I use a trash can as a snare drum stand?


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So I know the snare wires need to be on for them to make their sound and I conveniently enough don't have a snare stand but do have a trash can with a diameter that's sized just around the snare, so it can rest on top of it.

Question is, will the ends of the snare wires just barely touching the tips of the trash can damage the wires or something?



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No. the snare wires will be resting on the can or close. They are just under the rim, but the rim will rattle against the can and sound like trash..... find a used stand


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You may or may not damage the snares, bearing edge or hoops, but the bottom head is very thing and will not last long if it rests on the edge of the trash can.

Play the trash can until you can find a stand. No, seriously.


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This just might become the next hot trend in drums. The SnareTrash. Kinda the china cymbal of snare drums.