can i still play

Adam Bourque

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broke my wrist will i still be able play in drumline

im 15, i mean will i be able to do winterdrumline when i get my cast off in 6weeks. i will miss 5weeks of practice
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Red Menace

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I'll bet they'll send you to physical therapy after you get the cast off. Make sure this is something you tell the physical therapist. They should give that area specific attention and give you stretches ti do before you play. If they're not very receptive to your concerns or don't really know then go to a different one in your network...I'm assuming that you have insurance.

Don't worry, if you have a good recovery and stick with your therapy you should be fine. I broke my right ankle in HS and I have a pretty fast right foot if I do say so myself.


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I did not break my wrist, but I did dislocate my left elbow. And with age, I have a lot of other maladies that I care not to mention here. It has taken some time, and I am still recovering but it is working out.

I read, that before Ginger Baker did the Cream reunion, he fell off a horse and was not playing the drums for a long time, yet he came back and did well in concert.

Yeah you can still play, but pay a lot of attention to the exercises that is given to you in therapy.


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Medically, I doubt anyone would say it is an issue.

I broke my leg and ankle a couple of years ago, and I have since pounded
the snot out of it behind the kit.

Just do the right thing with your physical therapy.