can i has sonor breakdown plz?


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So i'm trying to get the lo-down on Sonor drums and how all their series are arrange. Can someone give me possibly a comparison to tama on their different series of drums?

e.g. - delite series equal to starclassics, classix equal to performers?

I'm not trying to figure out whether tama is better or not, i just know the tama series most and am trying to get a feel for how the sonor drums are configured (which ones are high end and which ones aren't)

I wish there were more of them around town because i want to play a set but can never find any. I hear they're considered the mercedes benz of drums and i'm considering getting a set.

Along with that, can i also get some info about the different woods in the SQ2 series as far as sound goes? I've been trying to do the research on my own but am not coming up with much.

Thanks in advance, sorry for the randomness of this thread


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In my opinion:

SQ2, Delite, and S-classix are all top quality drums in slightly different flavors.
Tama Starclassic Maple and bubinga are also top quality.
Tama's are generally less expensive.

SQ2 are custom and can be whatever you want them to be birch, maple, beech, acrylic... thin, vintage, med, heavy... Many finishes and hardware choices.

Delite is a vintage maple with high gloss finish
S-classix is thin birch in semi-gloss finish
other than the tom mounts they are very similar to the SQ2

Sonor Force 3007 are similar in quality to the superstars. I would take a SC performer before are force series but after an S-classix.



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nice! thanks wayne...very straight forward which is what i was looking for.

I saw a few people on here with different SQ2 kits and was wondering about the shell thicknesses. I'm considering getting birch, do any of you SQ2 owners/players have any input on shell thickness for birch?


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you might want to check out the SQ2 configurator on it will let you design a kit with and go through all the options available and give you a price on what ever kit you come up with.