Can I get a vintage sound from modern classic maples


I've been out of the acoustic drum game for a looooonnnnnggggg time. I'm looking to get back in and wow there are so many more choices then there used to be. Every time I think I'm set on something I get distracted by something else. I am 90% sure I'm going with Ludwig, I just cant decide club date or classic maples. I love the full low round sounds that the club date offers but also want to be able to play broader styles of music when I want to which leads me to my question. Can I get a vintage sound from the Classic Maples? I'm guessing depending on head selection I can but looking for people that have experience.




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I picked up a '17 Classic Maple 3 months ago and it sounds amazing. I like the vintagey tone, so I have mine tuned as such, and it's a great set.


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I personally believe that Classic Maples are the drumming equivalent of a swiss army knife. They have a bit of everything you could ever require from a drumset. They can sound vintage, jazzy, modern or just about anything else you can think of. With that said, other lines in the Ludwig family can probably do the whole vintage thing better than the Classic Maples. I've played a few sets of Legacy Classic Mahogany that sound almost exactly like my Vintage WFL kit, but I don't know how those drums would respond in a varied musical context.

Overall, you cant go wrong with the Classic Maples! They are truly terrific instruments.


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Problem is most bass drums of modern sets have a depth of 16”, classics were usually 14” as the snares were mostly 5 to 5.5 in depth! Most classic kits had reenforcing rings on bottom and top of the shells making the bearing edges pretty wide thus transferring the impact more to the shells. Shell thickness and number of plies on modern drums don't usually duplicate classic kits. Duplicate those and you will get a true classic sound!


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I have had both the Classic Maples and Ludwig Vintage drums. I actually love Classic Maple kits, and I think they have a sound that is distinctive and warmer than most modern kits with sharp edges.

Having said that, no, I don't think they do the vintage sound like an actual vintage kit does.