Can electronic drums be plugged into a Loop pedal?


Absolutely! I did a ton of live drum looping a few years ago except I mic'ed my whole kit, dumped those lines into a small powered mixer, then ran stereo into a jam man loop pedal. I would 'record' 2 bar beat loops then use the USB on the pedal to dump those into audacity to use for hip hop beats as well. Edrums would have been much easier. I also did the same with a single overhead running into the xlr input of a jam man duo, not quite as high quality sound but still fun. I ran the pedal on the floor next to my hi hat in what would be considered the spot for the slave pedal of a double bass drum pedal (I only use single so that space was open) and controlled the loops myself.

I also, In a separate band, had a sound manipulator as part of the group who ran synth, vocoder, and a slew of effects that the bass player and I were both hooked up to. He essentially was the 'brain' of our collective effects. We played live heavy dub, very VERY similar to De Facto. I personally had a delay on my snare that he would manipulate live as well as an overhead that ran into his split vocoder signal. We even did weird stuff like using a 20+ foot long industrial furniture spring with a contact mic hooked up to a delay unit that we played with sticks. The bass player had a full percussion rig set up in front of him and would play both.

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