Can anything be mounted here? Maybe something Gibraltar makes?

Curious if there is any type of mounting hardware (Gibraltar or other) that I could put in either of these places. On the floor toms - is there anything that could maybe mount a lightweight cymbal like a small splash. The legs on the floor toms are smaller than the usual cymbal arms so something like a DW brand dog-bone will not work. On the base drum - what type of percussion would you mount here if possible? Thank you.




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I would mount a splash between the toms:


On the floor tom I would do the same, only instead of the leg I would use the rim:



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That's a sweet looking set by the way! I do the same thing you do with toms to the left of the hihat; a 10 and a 12 before the hats.


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The simplest way would be to just replace that bare tube, on the bass drum tom mount, entirely with a section of cymbal stand that is of the same diameter. Just cut it to length (or just let it protrude into your bass drum) and you're done.

For the floor tom mount, Ludwig makes an Atlas mount for the leg. I'd recommend checking the diameter it accepts and measure yours for compatibility before ordering.


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I have a 16 inch crash on my tom mount. I would suggest something that moves, as a solid object will resonate through the bass drum. That may be ok but be wary.


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To me it seems that the tube in this picture is just a tube with the tom holder mounted to it?


If so, I'd try to get a cymbal stand with this exact diameter and mount the tom holder to it.