can anyone grade this excerpt

I am just being nosey, is there anyone who uses teaches graded exams who can give me a rough guide as to what standard this excerpt is.

I have personally found this diffcult. It is repeated most of the way through the song with three small bridge sectins in between so it is a bit of a stamina test too.

Speed is approximately 96 beats per minute.


PS I know not all the stems are not positioned correctly, did it quickly just to illustrate



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From the link provided it looks like a grade 6 ( the example on the page has a similar pattern but it switches from 4/4 to 7/8). So, 6 is about right.
I am not sure what those "grades" mean though.


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Grade 4-6 in the Rockschool books. There's a tune in the current Grade 4 called "The Nod" that has a 16th note bass drum pattern similar to that but it's not repetitive. You see similar grooves on the easier end of Grade 5 as well. I seem to recall that the A section in something called "Rollin'" (if memory serves) is that sort of pattern.

I don't have any students doing comparable level Trinity grades at the moment.
interesting to see just what sort of difficulty this sort of pattern is graded at. I found it really difficult for ages to maintain it for 6 minutes but think i have broken it,

On the same subject, I had a go at writing out some of the drum patterns in Happy house, I apologise for the mess of the stems.
What do folk reckon to it? I would guess tempo at close to 140 bpm