Calling all with severe hearing loss!


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Yeah I'm the same-can't hear her standing beside me (which I sometimes intentionally take out my aids LOL). What freaks my wife out is at night asleep-I'll wake her saying "Did you hear that?". She opens her mouth-saying who knows what then rolls over back asleep. Do your aids have the bluetooth for phone and TV-I love that function. The sound quality is so much more "real" than the old analog ones. I don't know how deaf people do it either but my ENT tells me I got progressive loss so likely, in time, will lose more. I just wanna Jam too!!! Rock on.
Mine are bluetooth for everything but TV, you have to either pay more for a different plan (which i though was crazy! Thats how they do it for most new aids now, like I would have to pay for a different "plan" for stuff like wind protection, etc...its all with the exact same hearing aids, just different plan upgrades) or buy a separate connector to plug in to the TV. Im fine without that though, Im so used to watching everything with subtitles its no big deal.

My old aids were the semi visible ones that are like tiny ear buds...wore those for 8yrs, never realized how badly they were working until I got these Audeo Marvel' much cleaner/crisper sounding and realistic...from what i remember natural sound used to be at least haha!
But damn...not sure how much I paid for them exactly but somewhere around 2g a PIECE! Maybe more...

Definitely ordering the Zildjian/Remo silent pack...been watching video demos of those...hopefully i will be able to just take my hearing aids out completely (so I'm not amplifying the sound to my ears) and jam on those with no problems! Wonder if tuning the mesh style heads will basically be the same as regular heads?


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I can’t imagine that wearing ear cups over your hearing aids wouldn’t cause uncontrolled feedback. It does on mine.

I use my molded earbuds to both block the ambient sound (they block about 25dB when just stuck in my ear with nothing pumped into them). Then i use a small Rolls headphone amp and tap off the mixer output to add a little more to what I can already hear. The Rolls unit also accepts a mic input. So I use an Omni mic which gives me both the live sound from on stage as well as allowing me to hear others speaking to me.

The bluetooth connection into my aids is no good in a live situation as there is too much latency and the sound lags way behind.
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How severe is your hearing loss? And can you still hear the music clearly enough to jam along with it?
I have severe Tinnitus and have lost some of my upper frequencies; Damn helicopters and gun fire... :) I hook the headphones up to my phone for the music and I have the volume one notch down from max, which allows me to hear the music and my drums.

Without the music, I use the headphones as hearing protection and it works pretty well, although I can't really tell tonal differences in my cymbals.