Cajon Comparison - Help


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Hi, i'm going to buy my first Cajon, by having to choose only between these three Cajons which model would you recommend to buy?

1st model:
(there is a video to hear how it sounds and there are all technical data)

2nd model:
(the same here)

3rd model:

Thank you!


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1) I wouldn't buy a cajon blind without hearing it.
2) I hate cajons that have screws through the tapa (faceplate).
3) Meinl makes fine instruments generally, but I don't like the sound on almost all of their mass-produced factory cajon models. Thin.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Cajons are like snare drums. The differences are huge. It's not really about quality, it's more a matter of personal use and taste.

Calima is my choice, but it's very subjective.